New moons are a time ripe for planting seeds both literally and figuratively, the waxing moon augments and supports the growth process of whatever seeds you are planting.  We just passed the new moon in Gemini Tuesday June 16 and if you’re reading this and it’s within a few days, it’s still a great time to sit down and do some journaling around your intentions.

Here are some ideas either to get you started or to offer a little insight into things that may be coming up for your around the Gemini new moon.  New moon in Gemini is all about communication, thinking, ideas, connection, change and movement.  It’s a great time to focus on acknowledging and speaking your truth as well as sharing and developing creative ideas.  Gemini is also a time of playfulness which can sometimes lead to over-booking or saying yes to too many things.  So if you’ve been feeling like you have too much on your plate, scattered, indecisive, you are not alone!  Notice what draws you most and go with that, even if it doesn’t feel logical–it’s a time to get quiet, listen to what wants to happen or what wants to be said and go with it.

I do want to share a disclaimer–I am by no means an astrologer, but I do believe in the power of setting intentions and if they can sync up with the support of the new moon, even better yet!  So if you feel called to and haven’t already set them, grab a journal, light a candle, and start writing.  If this is your first time writing intentions  here are a few pointers (but ultimately, you are your best guide):

  • Write them in present tense as if they are happening, e.g., “May I experience and communicate my truth clearly” or “I experience and communicate my truth clearly”
  • They can be as specific or general as you want–if you plan to go back and look over them before writing your next intentions, it’s helpful to be somewhat specific so you can get a sense of what has shifted
  • Allow whatever wants to be written to come out onto the paper–sometimes I find myself trying too hard to thinking of ‘good intentions’ versus stepping back and waiting until the next thing comes
  • If you write just one or two intentions, that’s great and if you write multiple pages, that’s great too
  • If you feel moved, it’s great to include something like “May all of these intentions bring about the highest good for all of those involved” which covers all your bases
  • Lastly, once you finish, acknowledge your intentions by reading them aloud and then release your attachment to them–I just learned a little ritual around this that I loved in which you cup your hands, speak your intentions into your cupped hands, and then blow them into the universe to let them go

Next New Moon is July 16 so get ready!  May you feel connected and inspired!