I had been trying to get started on this blog post for the past 2 weeks and each time I sat down to write I felt totally stuck, uninspired. Almost as if the harder I tried to write, the more stuck I became. Finally, I gave up. I let myself off the hook. I decided to let go of my efforting around writing and trust that whatever wanted to be written would be written whenever I was ready. I completely shifted gears and didn’t think about writing for the rest of the weekend. Next time I sat down to write, it flowed effortlessly(mostly!). If this process feels familiar to you at all, read on for some great tips to get unstuck and feel inspired.

1. Put on a song that you love. Sing along, let yourself belt it out with no holding back. Put your heart into it. Dance and move around if you feel moved. Don’t force it. Here’s a suggestion: Michael Franti and Spearhead “Say Hey (I love you)” What songs lift you up?

2.Get moving. Go for a brisk walk or a run. Pay attention to what’s around you. Tune in with your 5 senses. Tune in to your breath. What do you notice?

3.Connect with nature. This can be lying in the grass in your backyard watching the clouds or the night sky. Or it could be getting out into the woods and sitting or going for a walk. Notice what it feels like to really be present with the natural world.

4.Play in the garden. Plant some seeds, water the garden, weed, harvest veggies. Feel what it feels like to nurture and attend to something. If you don’t have a garden, try this with your house plants, dust them off, put them out in the sun, re-pot them, talk to them. Notice how you feel nurturing your plants.

5.Re-arrange your living space. Shifting around things in our house can really release stuck energy both internally and in the house. You’ll also feel productive! This is especially helpful if you’re feeling stuck on another project you’re trying to tackle. Sometimes it’s helpful to shift gears and come back to it if you feel stuck.

6.Do something kind for someone. Send someone a note telling them you love them. Leave a big tip. Make a craft or gift for a friend. Invite someone out for tea, your treat. Bake something for your neighbor. Volunteer your time.

7.Run some errands and connect with the strangers you meet. Be present with those around you. Make real conversation while you’re paying in the check out line. Smile and make eye contact with people you pass. Ask them how they’re doing or hope they have a great day…and really mean it.

8.Read a ‘self-help’ or inspirational book. If you don’t have any, peruse your local bookstore and notice what books draw your attention. If you can’t afford it, jot down the name and look for it in your library. Here’s a great one I’m reading now: Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness. What are some of your favorites?

9.Do something creative. This could be visually, like collaging, painting. Could be written, journaling, creative writing. Could be movement based, dancing, yoga, moving the way your body wants to move. This is basically getting out of your own way and letting whatever wants to come through you come through. It may be easiest to start with something that lends itself to more spontaneity and less efforting like writing your train of thought, collaging, or stretching.

10.Go on an adventure. Are there any new places in your town you’ve heard about but never been? Try out the new restaurant that’s popped up downtown or go to the touristy place near your town that you’ve never been to because you live there. Let your day unfold with spontaneity.

Suggestion: Print this list and post it somewhere where you can see it—next time you feel ‘blah’ or stuck choose one of the activities and give it a go! Add to the list as you come up with your own.

Affirmation: May you feel inspired.

I would love to hear what inspires you—please comment below so that we can keep building the list!