Fall 2015 Women’s Empowerment Circle

“The authentic self is the soul made visible” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

Coming from a place of power–being empowered–is remembering our authentic self, speaking our truth, and allowing ourselves to be seen.  Unfortunately, Western culture, historically, hasn’t supported women in stepping into their own power.  Rather, we have learned that in order to be successful, heard, or respected, […]

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Hidden ways you may be contributing to feeling disempowered

Last week I sent an email out to my list serve apologizing for being so inconsistent and my mom called me out for playing small in the email, subtly disempowering myself.  Here’s what I wrote: “I’m still getting the hang of this newsletter thing so my newsletters may be sporadic at first but hopefully they’ll get […]

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The Power of Community

A few days ago I was on my morning run, pushing my son, Connor, in the stroller. We were climbing one of the steepest hills on the run (a part that I usually slow to a walk) when a woman on a bicycle passed us and cheered me on ‘You get it, girl!’  I felt […]

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