On Open-Heartedness: Lovingkindness and other practices

“Closing your heart does not really protect you from anything; it just cuts you off from your source of energy…so learn to stay open no matter what happens. If you do, you get for free what everybody else is struggling for: love, enthusiasm, excitement, and energy.” –Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul
I’ve been eagerly awaiting February […]

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Boundaries: Getting to the root

*This is an experiential blog post so grab a pen and a sheet of paper if you don’t already have one nearby or you can just read through and do the exercises later or in your head.

Boundaries. We hear this word thrown around a lot. And we’ve all heard affirmations like ‘It’s okay to take […]

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7 easy tips for setting boundaries and honoring your needs

Bound·a·ry noun a line that marks the limits of an area

For some of us the word boundary as it applies to ourselves is a familiar term and for others it may be brand new. So I’ve decided to start out with defining it. Our boundaries refer to our limits–they can refer to our time limits, limits […]

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On speaking your truth: Why it’s both difficult and crucial to living a soul-centered life

Recently I took a trip to Colorado to celebrate the love and commitment of two of my dear friends. On my way out, I had a long layover in the Dallas airport with a couple of other wedding folks so we decided to eat a leisurely Mexican dinner at the airport during our wait. At […]

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